H-3000 Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood H-3000
  • Technical drawing

  • Moulding

  • Realisation

Wooden or MDF Kitchen Hood H-3000

With these consecutive curves, this hood generates a very refined design.

  • Standard widths (without moulding):  36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72 or custom.
  • Standard  curvatures: R-78″
  • Standard heights (without chimney or moulding) : 34″ or custom.
  • Standard depths (without moulding): 22 1/2″ or custom.
  • Available in MDF  or covered with veneer (Maple, Cherry, Walnut, etc…)
  • Wood grain: vertical for top curved section, horizontal for the base.
  • Different mouldings are available.
  • Different bases are available: valences
  • Removable parts (top & bottom) for easier installation.
  • Front may be removable for an easier access to mecanism.
  • z-clip supplied for installation.
  • Front could be divided in one or many panels as per our different door models, see model H-220
  • Option for staining and varnishing.
  • Ventilators not included but may be supplied.
  • Option for interior of base covered with laminate.
  • Option for corbels

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