Round cabinet doors and round mouldings

Convex and concave round doors
  • Realization

    Kitchen featuring round mitered doors and round mouldings
  • Customization

    Round door and engraving made as per customer's specifications
  • Curved moulding

    Round mouldings could acommodate every radius doors
  • Achievement examples

Manufacturing of a designer’s round kitchen cabinet door and a custom round mouldings:

In this video, you will visualize the designing and the manufacturing of round doors and round mouldings. We can manufacture round products very precisely using our standards, but it is also possible to manufacture round doors as precisely using customer’s specifications.

Round cabinet doors and their corresponding round mouldings can be produced in most wood species.

All our round cabinet doors can be convex or concave. We also offer the crossbow doors with their delicate curves in many versions.

For an impressive kitchen island, may we suggest our Uraeus door with their superb cambered curvatures.

Also, this elegant white lacquered kitchen with their round doors accompanied with their round mouldings creates a pure delight.

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