H-900 Vintage Kitchen Hood

Vintage kitchen hood in walnut
  • Wood species : Vintage Walnut (varnished)
  • Vintage Oak

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Wooden Kitchen Hood Vintage .

  • Vintage  finish is made of solid wood
  • Standard widths: 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72 or custom.
  • Standard heights: 30 or custom.
  • Standard depths: 20 or custom
  • Available in regular species (Maple, Cherry, Walnut…)
  • Wood grain: horizontal.
  • Removable parts (top & bottom) for easier installation.
  • z-clip supplied for installation.
  • Option for staining and varnishing.
  • Ventilators may be supplied.
  • Option for interior of base covered with laminate.

Our Vintage products are quite similar to “barn wood”. The product is basically made with real wood veneered to a core in MDF without any further treatment. Thus this process preserve the presence of texture and ensure the stability of the product.

Finish it offers is unique, approaching nature with a Vintage look, both rustic and antique.

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