Crown moulding B type

Type B crown moulding
  • Counter top fastener

    Quick fit hardware

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All our mouldings are built in a way that simplifies handling and installation. We do offer you two very simple alternatives:

1) The standard option leaves a minimum of 3″ extra lenght on each side of the moulding so it gives you a better flexibility while cutting and adjusting the part. You then just have to cut the mouldings to your requirements so it will fit perfectly with the other components.

2) We also offer you the possibility of ordering your mouldings with the quick fit option. Your components are then machined so they can allow
the counter top fastener to be installed. All you have to do then is to assemble your two components by thightening the
fastener at the back to get a perfectly strong and durable fit.

Note: Our mouldings are available in many different models and styles that will fit perfectly to all our curved doors. We can also do custom work!

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